Laptop Repair Screen Replacement

Laptop Repair

We provide a Laptop Repair Service around Norfolk, Suffolk East Anglia & Essex. You will see an improvement in the function of the laptop giving after giving it a complete overhaul. Sometimes we can increase the performance with a few adjustments or a new part. We always try to repair your machine first.

Here is a 5-year-old laptop that had become sluggish and we need to patch it up. We recommended a replacement new part to the customer, he should upgrade his hard drive to SSD. We opted for a Crucial SSD mainly for cost and reliability.
Laptop Repair Screen Replacement Upgrade

Screen Replacement Walk Through

Here is an HP Laptop Rather old, this business laptop needed a screen replacement. We ordered the screen from our supplier & it arrived next day.


Here is the replacement screen is half fitted, we need to put this into the metal frame & screw it up either side. As you can see a replacement shift key is all that’s left to replace before it goes back to the customer.

Our Laptop Repair Service covers all makes and models

Replacement Screen fitted For The Customer

Laptop Screen Replacement Finished

Screen Raplacement finished

We Replace the screen which took a few hours, the longest part was waiting for the spares to arrive. This completes the job.

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